Hello, my name is Jake and I am the founder, DJ/MC of Classic Man Entertainment. I'm passionate about collaborating with newly engaged couples as I truly enjoy giving them the ultimate party. My passion for music started at an early age of 3 years old. I was immediately introduced to singing and acoustic guitar, playing by my father and uncles who were all musically gifted. As long as I can remember, every weekend and weeknight, family came together and someone would always bust out the acoustic guitar or sing acapella.

Frequently experiencing these good times growing up was quite a treat and inevitably became part of who I am. In addition to constantly being musically inspired by my family, my mom and dad owned thousands of vinyl records in our household that was always in rotation. Everything from pop and disco, to Motown and funk. I became very familiar with song titles, artists and album names early on. Funk is my all-time favorite music genre from Parliament, Zapp & Roger, Cameo and Rick James to The Isley Brothers, Prince, Earth Wind & Fire and Slave.

My connection with djing events is special because I love to host and ensure guests are having a blast. I soon started my own dj company as I knew it's exactly what I wanted to do. Music has always sparked strong emotions and memories for me. It reminds you of special places you were at, people you love, and even difficult or impossible times in your life that it helped you to get through. This is the gift of music and it’s what I have passion for sharing — it's what Classic Man Entertainment is all about! I also thoroughly enjoy digital painting and being a big Marvel movie buff.

For questions or inquiries check out the contact me page here, call or text 623-226-8004.

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