Fun entertainment with a Classic twist! ?

I had a hall rented out in Scottsdale for my birthday, and Jake took care of everything! From event day, hour coverage and event games. Jake went all out with my expectations, he was crazy with the lighting equipment, announcements and overall control over the audience. Me and my friends had a blast!


Spot on!!!! Recommended for your events!

Jake setup at my car event for me and my customers and it was AMAZING. Music was spot on and the communication was great! Totally recommend for your events!


super flexible, dance floor was full 😀

Tiffany and I didn’t make things easy for Jake as we had tons of last minute changes from guests arrivals and things being not ready. The cake wasn’t ready on time and my mother of the bride had an upset stomach and couldn’t be found when we needed her. Being adaptable and flexible are some godsend traits of a dj and Jake came through!! Jake extended his time to make up for delays and games on the spot! Would definitely recommend.


Played everything we wanted! Professional and detailed

Besides myself, my guests were one of my top priorities and Jake definitely took care of them. I know I was straight to the point but thanks Jake for working with me lol! Being very focused and professional went a very long way just want you to know that!! After everything said and done the playlist was fabulous and even my grandparents were dancing, we don’t see that often! Thank you!!!


Awesome entertainment for all our guests, what a blast!

Since we had over 400 guests at the McCormick, I was a little worried about how the music and mics would cover all our guests but I guess it was no problem at all! Jake is very well spoken and knows how to make a good moment great and funny. When my mom had an epic toast, Jake knew how to seize the moment making my fam happy and fortunate with his words. Instead of worrying about everything on our day, Jake made Jason and I just have fun and focus on only enjoying our night. I had my friends asking about him to do their parties too! I can’t recommend Jake enough!


House B-day party master!!

It was my mom’s 40th b-day and I needed a dj with a wide range of music knowledge not just up to date stuff. Everyone was quite surprised with how Jake jumped to different genres seamlessly and even played some 60’s tunes! Requests were a big deal to us cause we want everyone to have fun. When we first met Jake for an initial meeting, we knew he was the right pick for us as the energy and personality were a fit. It was like we had a personal club brought to our doorstep, pretty cool?! Thanks for staying later than we planned you to Jake, the time just flew by so fast and the funk songs were such a huge hit!


The unexpected happened!!!!

I searched craigslist….I know most people get referrals! Well I’m so glad I went with Jake, he’s one of the most professional people I’ve worked with. With minimal input from me Jake provided an itinerary to help the night move along smooth. I only gave him genres of music as I had no clue what to pick! My guest were wowed by his energy and dress attire!!! He went around and got requests ( I had no idea the guests provided feedback)! If you need a great DJ look no further! We had a blast and we are looking forward to partying with Classic Man Entertainment in the future! Thanks.


PLEASANTLY surprised!

Our dj fell through a week before our wedding and we were devastated to say the least. We had to find one with the quality we were looking for and in a short amount of time. I stumbled on classic man through a google search and it was definitely meant to be. Our guests had a blast and that’s what meant the most to me, especially my wife as her heels were off cause she couldn’t stay away from the dance floor. I loved the amazing song picks in all the genres of music which really showcased your knowledge in music. Thanks for making our wedding come together Jake with a short amount of time which was impressive.


A night to cherish, by the one and only “Jake the Great”!

Jake, first of all me and my wife would like to express our sincere thanks for the tremendous job you did at our wedding reception party! You were very detailed oriented on how to organize a beautiful event in which you succeeded beyond our greatest expectation. DJ and Music selections were very important to us and we are so glad that we had the opportunity to meet with you and decide to move forward with your service. You allowed us to personalize our music EXACTLY what we wanted and played everything we requested and more! Even though you Deejayed a new genre of music for the first time, we knew that our choice of the DJ was right. You being polite, professional, flexible, funny, and overall helped our guests stay entertained! Every detail went SMOOTHLY as the wedding reception flowed from beginning to end. We all appreciate you keeping the dance floor full the entire night “till 4am” ? Jake, we can’t thank you enough for making our night a success and prosperous one, and we are glad that you were part of this auspicious occasion.


One of the most fun parties I’ve ever been to!

I went with a friend as a guest to an Indian wedding reception. I wasn’t sure what to expect and knew I probably wouldn’t know any of the music so it would be more of a people-watching night for me. ? I was pleasantly surprised to find that even though I didn’t know much of the music (it was mostly Indian), or know how to dance to it for that matter, it was still one of the most fun parties I’ve ever been to. Jake kept the energy of the place up with the colored lights, the fog machine, and even throwing some American music in there which STILL kept everyone dancing. We were taught how to dance to some of the songs and truly I did not want the night to end. The total atmosphere and dance floor were set up perfectly and Jake really kept an eye on what his audience liked and took note of when it was time to change things up with a new song. Jake is a true entertainer and one of his biggest talents is to be able to see the whole picture of what you are envisioning and make it exactly that. I was highly impressed!!